The Mercedes-Benz Logo Explained

Mercedes-Benz Logo

The Mercedes-Benz logo has gone through a few changes throughout the years to reach the iconic Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star we know today. While stylish, the Mercedes-Benz logo meaning is sure to strike a deeper cord with drivers. Learn more about this iconic logo, its meaning, and more with the team at Mercedes-Benz of Charleston today and contact us to learn more about this luxe brand.

The Mercedes-Benz Logo History

The company that would become Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1890 by Gottlieb Daimler. In 1980, the company, then called Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft, or DMG, was taken over by Wilhelm Maybach and Emil Jellinek. Daimler’s sons Paul and Adolf were involved for years with this new partnership.

When it came to a logo change in 1909, the two brothers reflected on a postcard their father sent back in 1872 that marked the location of their home with a 3-point star. This is when DMG acquired the logo and began adding it to each of their vehicles produced. This logo started out blue with a laurel border (added in 1926) until 1934 when the classic Mercedes-Benz 3-pointed star was changed to silver.

The Mercedes-Benz Logo Meaning

The Mercedes-Benz logo is a reminder of the company’s heritage and the dream of one man, who wanted to engineer the ultimate performance vehicles. Some say that there’s more to the Mercedes-Benz logo meaning such as:

  • The Mercedes-Benz 3-pointed star actually refers to the company’s drive for universal motorization! Each point on the star represents an environment–Land, Sea, or Air–which the Daimler brothers believed that their company would one day conquer.

In the end Mercedes-Benz officials believe that the symbolic importance of the three-pointed star may have been what attracted the Daimler brothers to their father’s 3-pointed star in the first place!

What About the Mercedes-Benz AMG® Logo?

At first glance, the Mercedes-Benz AMG® logo appears more cryptic but the truth proves to be less than esoteric:

  • The right side of the Mercedes-Benz AMG® logo depicts a cam, valve, and valve spring. Quite naturally, these crucial engine components symbolize the passion for engineering which goes into every Mercedes-Benz AMG® engine.
  • The left side of the Mercedes-Benz AMG® emblem depicts an apple tree, or more precisely, an apple tree located along a river. This is the historic coat of arms of the town of Affalterbach, Germany, where the Mercedes-Benz AMG® headquarters is located.

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