It’s Complicated: A Peek Into the Mercedes-Benz 600’s (Somewhat) Scandalous Past

December 4th, 2015 by

Looking for a car that can take your mind off your own uneventful love life this holiday season? The Mercedes-Benz 600 limousine can’t be categorized as anything other than complicated, though clearly mesmerizing, in its own way. This luxury car knew many complex drivers in its time. Celebrities like Elvis Presley and John Lennon have sat in (probably) its backseat whilst being chauffeured from one glamorous gathering to the next. Incidentally, so have dictators like Fidel Castro, as well as other morally ambiguous personalities, such as Hugh Heffner and Jack Nicholson. No matter. This model did not discriminate in its search for devotion. As if its celebrity and political dalliances weren’t enough, this car also boasted a hydraulic pressure system that ran on mineral-based oil and controlled its windows, trunk, reclining seats, and sunroof, among other features surpassing the luxury expectations of its time. What can we say? Mercedes-Benz has always been a just a little ahead of the rest. That’s just how we do things. Learn more about this exciting piece of heritage in the article below, and don’t hesitate to visit Smith Company Mercedes-Benz of Charleston‘s store at 5 Dudley Farms Lane in Charleston, WV to experience the latest additions to our new and used Mercedes-Benz lineup yourself.

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