What Advanced Safety Features Do Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Offer?

January 25th, 2018 by

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 Interior

Thanks to a history of advances in Mercedes-Benz technology, the vehicles currently in the lineup are able to protect drivers and passengers in ways that have never been possible before:

  • Prevent the distraction of drowsy driving
  • Safeguard the cabin against a collision
  • Automatically stop when danger is ahead

Learn about some of the most impressive Mercedes-Benz safety features, then visit Mercedes-Benz of Charleston to learn more about the models in our exceptional inventory.


When a collision can’t be avoided, the next best thing is to minimize the risk of injury to everyone in the cabin. PRESAFE® utilizes sophisticated sensors that can detect when a collision is imminent. When that happens, the system instantly and automatically primes the cabin for impact. The seat belts tighten, the head restraints adjust, and the windows/sunroof close rapidly. This feature could mean the difference between a major and minor accident.


This system keeps you safe even when you’re distracted on the roads of Beckley. Sensors monitor for cars, objects, pedestrians and other hazards in front of the vehicle. If the driver is approaching too quickly, the system will automatically apply 40 percent of braking pressure. If forward progress continues, 100 percent of pressure is applied. This system may not avoid all accidents, but it does reduce damage significantly.


Drowsy driving puts yourself, your passengers, and everyone on the roads at risk. This system watches for 70 different parameters that indicate driver fatigue. If a driver is determined to be driving poorly because of drowsiness, an alert sounds, encouraging the driver to pull over and get some rest before continuing.

Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist

It’s easy to drift out of your own lane of traffic accidentally, and it’s just as easy to dangerously change lanes when someone is in your blind spot. These features effectively correct both issues. Blind Spot Assist uses visual cues and audio alerts to warn you about cars you can’t see. Active Lane Keeping Assist monitors the lanes on the road, watches for signs of drift, and automatically applies brakes to keep you in the right lane.

Drive with Confidence in a Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz safety features aren’t just more advances, they are also more effective. Find out about lease offers and financing options available to Huntington drivers right now, then makes plans to visit our dealership in Charleston, WV at your next convenience. Contact Mercedes-Benz of Charleston with your questions in the meantime.